Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

Do I Need to Go to Med School to Be a Nutritionist?

So, you are in high school aspiring to be nutritional and you are preparing to pass the MCAT to enroll in Medical school. Well, it is okay to think that nutritionists and dietetic are physicians. Of course, they work alongside doctors advising patients on what to eat to remain healthy. It consists of diets to reduce blood sugar, body weight, and staff.
But are they doctors? Of course, to be a doctor, you need to major in mathematics and …

Want to Vape? How Vaping Influences Your Diet

There are various misconceptions surrounding nicotine and weight loss. In fact, the majority of Vape industry experts that vape frequently believe that they can lose weight through vaping.
However, how true is this when nicotine has an overall detrimental effect on your health? Does it make you eat small portions of your meal? Read on to find out.
Does Vaping Make You Fat or Thin?
The vape juice found in the e-cigarette is often sweet since it contains propylene with more appealing flavors to the taste buds. However, sweets have always been believed to have many calories, …

Tips for Sustainable Weight Loss

A calorie is a measure of energy. Gaining weight requires consuming more calories than you use and vice versa for losing weight. It is advisable to make some permanent changes to maintain a long-term calorie deficit without feelings of starvation.
Below are some diet and lifestyle adjustments for weight loss;

Increase your protein consumption. Doing this can enhance your metabolism, combat cravings, and minimize appetite, leading to sustainable weight loss.
Remove sodas and fruit juices from your diet because liquid sugar is intensely fattening.

5 Nutritious Staples to Always Have at Home

Putting a quick, healthy meal together requires a well-equipped kitchen. But, several nutritious foods are perishable and have to be consumed quickly, leading to a shortage.
Nevertheless, you can store some healthy, lasting staples in your freezer or fridge and use them to prepare nutritious meals or snacks.
Here are five super healthy staples you should always have.
1. Dried/Canned lentils and beans
Lentils and beans are some of the top healthiest foods: rich in B vitamins, iron, fiber, magnesium. When dried and canned, they can last for a very long time.
2. Grains…

Caffeine: Is it Good or Bad for you?

Every day, tons of people rely on a caffeine jolt to get through the day. There is a lot of talk on the adverse effects of caffeine on sleep and anxiety, but caffeine has also numerous health benefits.
What is Caffeine?
It’s a natural stimulant that is broadly consumed worldwide. It keeps you awake, alert, and can keep tiredness at bay.
How does it work?
It stimulates the brain by inhibiting the influence of adenosine.
What foods and drinks have caffeine?…