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Grocery Delivery services are an easy and stress-free way to purchase your grocery needs. Walmart Grocery is quite famous online, especially with people that shop at Walmart. They also offer curbside pickup as well as delivery based on delivery.

This article will briefly review the pros and cons of Walmart Grocery services.


  • Stress-free curbside pickup as well as delivery
  • Availability of a wide range of products
  • It allows selection from a wide selection of foods as well as kitchen appliances.
  • The website has detailed information on all items, including whether or not they’re organic, sugar-free, etc.
  • Uncomplicated refund and return process


  • It is pricey compared to other services, with delivery fees ranging from $8 -$10, and a minimum purchase of $35
  • They only offer Walmart-available products.
  • The quality of fresh produce is not assured.
  • There is no alternative to using plastic bags such as recyclable bags.

In Conclusion

While it has its pros and cons, Walmart is definitely worth the try. With its wide selection of fresh foods and other products, it caters to all diets and preferences.

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