Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

A calorie is a measure of energy. Gaining weight requires consuming more calories than you use and vice versa for losing weight. It is advisable to make some permanent changes to maintain a long-term calorie deficit without feelings of starvation.

Below are some diet and lifestyle adjustments for weight loss;

  1. Increase your protein consumption. Doing this can enhance your metabolism, combat cravings, and minimize appetite, leading to sustainable weight loss.
  2. Remove sodas and fruit juices from your diet because liquid sugar is intensely fattening.
  3. Hydration is one of the most crucial points in weight loss. Research shows that drinking water can increase metabolism for about 90 minutes. Drinking water 30 minutes before meals can reduce your calorie consumption.
  4. Exercise regularly. When exercising, lift weights; it reduces loss of muscle and keeps your metabolic rate up.
  5. Lower your intake of refined carbs. It can help with weight loss by minimizing your appetite as well as making you consume fewer calories.

In trying to lose weight, reducing your calorie intake does not necessarily mean starvation. A couple of dietary and lifestyle adjustments can be of great help.

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