Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Every day, tons of people rely on a caffeine jolt to get through the day. There is a lot of talk on the adverse effects of caffeine on sleep and anxiety, but caffeine has also numerous health benefits.

What is Caffeine?

It’s a natural stimulant that is broadly consumed worldwide. It keeps you awake, alert, and can keep tiredness at bay.

How does it work?

It stimulates the brain by inhibiting the influence of adenosine.

What foods and drinks have caffeine?

It is found in leaves, seeds, or nuts of certain plants; it is harvested and processed to manufacture popular beverages such as energy drinks, tea, chocolate, coffee, and soft drinks.

What are the Benefits of Caffeine?

  • It can improve your mood, lower the potential for depression, enhance brain function, and safeguard against Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It can increase metabolism and encourage fat loss, but these effects usually remain minimal over time.
  • Taking a cup of coffee an hour prior to exercising can improve performance.
  • Caffeine intake can promote healthy skin, liver, and GI tract.

The Recommended daily intake of caffeine is 200mg per dose and 400mg per day. For pregnant women, it is 200mg or less.

In summary, caffeine is not all bad, so go on and enjoy your daily caffeine dose.

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