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There are various misconceptions surrounding nicotine and weight loss. In fact, the majority of Vape industry experts that vape frequently believe that they can lose weight through vaping.

However, how true is this when nicotine has an overall detrimental effect on your health? Does it make you eat small portions of your meal? Read on to find out.

Does Vaping Make You Fat or Thin?

The vape juice found in the e-cigarette is often sweet since it contains propylene with more appealing flavors to the taste buds. However, sweets have always been believed to have many calories, making people gain more weight.

However, the calories contained in this juice are considered negligible and cannot significantly affect a person’s weight.

This means that, even with constant vaping, you won’t gain weight. This juice will also not make you thinner if you continue eating the same amount of food you have been eating before.

So, what about a person on a weight loss program? For people that are trying to lose weight, vaping will not in any way affect your schedule.

As mentioned above, the calorie content in vape juice is low and will not affect your fitness goals. However, this will depend if you are on a complete fasting program or an intermittent fasting program.

Remember, intermittent fasting allows you to eat at specific hours. So, vaping during your fasting window will not be detrimental to your goal.

Does Vaping Suppress Appetite?

In general, nicotine can suppress appetite. If you are a frequent vaper, you will notice in time that you eat small amounts of food after or might not feel the urge to eat. In this case, you might experience weight loss because it’s directly tied to how much you eat.

For example, if you consume more calories, you will gain weight, while you will lose weight if you consume fewer calories. So, people who frequently vape and are on a weight loss program are likely to lose weight faster than non-vapers.

It would be best to remember that calories consumed are influenced by how often we get hungry. Hunger pangs, in some cases, will come in the form of cravings for sugary food. This means that you will likely eat more sweet food that will contribute to weight gain if you have frequent cravings.

Vape juice, on the other hand, can control these cravings because of the flavors in it. This will result in reduced intake of sugary foods and eventually lead to consuming fewer calories.

In turn, if you consume fewer calories, you will achieve your goal of losing weight sooner. Therefore, vape juice can help you lose weight faster if it suppresses your appetite and reduces your cravings.

Bottom Line

The ability of vape juice to help you lose weight will solely depend on the number of calories you often consume. So, if you still have an incredible appetite while vaping, the chances of gaining more weight are high.

Therefore, it should be combined with other weight loss programs if the ultimate goal is to lose weight.

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